Message from President


I am happy to share about our outstanding performance since its establishment against slavery, poverty and rights for freed kamalaris. I am very happy to servicing marginalized/freed kamalaries for their sustainable development by delivering our services. Our services mainly focus on education, women empowerment, income generation, organization development, cooperative strengthening, and the elimination of kamalari system. We are working to achieve our main motto and slogan is "We want to education not slavery "from our organization establishment.

I would like to thank all helpful hands; government agencies, human rights activist,youth clubs, journalist, civil society, Nepal police, women groups, Nepal Youth Foundation and well-wishers. I believe that FKDF will go on developing dynamic leaderships, working on right based approach, professionals’ development and focusing on integrated community development concentrating.  FKDF is a membership based organization- for the member by the member of the member, I hope the organization will go on making the organization more strengthening in coming days.

We are committed to continue our efforts in collaboration with all actors to make our society a better place to live. We expect, we have been able to achieve significant changes in the different section of the society and communities. We look forward the support, collaboration and solidarity in the coming days.

Let's join hands for making difference in people's lives.

Thank You.

Sunita Chaudhary

Central President

Who are Kamalaris?

As per the tradition, Tharu girls were sent to the houses of moneylenders as workers/slaves to pay back the loan obtained by the family. Kamalaris were also sent to the landlords who allowed the Tharu family to work in their farm land in return, plus the landlords took 50% yields for letting the land. Girl children of Tharu family used to be sent